My Litte Red House Bilingual School

Bilingual education in Ocotepeque

camila y la guitarra

My Little Red House Bilingual School is a growing organization founded by Carol Penman, a mother of three who had always wanted to give her children and others in Ocotepeque the chance to grow up speaking English. Knowing how important the English language can be to Hondurans, Carol acted upon her desire.  In 1998 Carol started ‘My Little Red House Bilingual School’ with the help of her mother, experienced teacher Alba Gloria Penman.

What started off as a kindergarten with a dozen students has now become a full bilingual kindergarten, elementary and secondary school educating over 80 students from pre-kindergarten up to 11th grade. Since its founding, the school has expanded to occupy two buildings and the staff are hoping to expand yet again in the near future as soon as they gather the resources.  Thanks to contributions, we have been able to to keep our tuition extremely low. We also continue to offer scholarships to a large portion of our students, extending the benefits of a bilingual education to children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend such a school.  My Little Red House Bilingual School is a unique gift in Ocotepeque, giving children the chance for a better future by learning English.  More recently, the school has expanded to include a French program to further the education of its students.

Find out more on My Little Red House Bilingual School‘s website.