My Little Red House Bilingual School

My Little Red House Bilingual School is a growing organization with humble origins: Carol Penman, a mother of three had always wanted to give her children and others in Ocotepeque the chance to grow up speaking English.   Knowing how important the English language can be to Hondurans, Carol acted upon her desire.  In 1998 Carol started ‘My Little Red House […]

Mayatan Bilingual School

For over 20 years, the Mayatan Bilingual School in Copan Ruinas, Honduras has delivered quality bilingual instruction to Honduran students of all social and economic backgrounds.  The school was founded by a local mother who sought a higher caliber of education for her young daughter. With the only options at the time being the grossly under-funded public schools or the […]

Cofradia Bilingual School

Cofradia Bilingual School We are a nonprofit bilingual school and have been serving the community of Cofradia since 1997. Cofradia (or “brotherhood”) is both a small town and a reasonably large general area just west of San Pedro Sula in Honduras. CBS actively seeks disadvantaged children in the area and provides them with a quality bilingual education, hence a much […]